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Erick Brown

Regional Chef

Like many cooks, my journey started at 16, washing dishes in the summer. Eventually the salad guy quit and a promotion to the line was my future. The pizza cook was let go, again more opportunity. Eventually the Kitchen Manager took notice, and took me under his wing. I fell in love with the intensity and pace of the kitchen. Many jobs later, I had a chef that told me that if I “stopped calling in and took it seriously, maybe I could make a career out of it.” I felt an inch tall; but he went on to say that I “had the talent, just not the dedication.” Something clicked, and at 23, I enrolled at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. Returning to my hometown of St. Louis, I began to work hard, read books, and improve my skill. Working for Bill Cardwell and Dave Owens at Cardwell’s at the Plaza, I was introduced to high volume business and true farm to table cooking, and everything that encompasses. 13 years later, I went on to become the Executive Sous Chef at the historic St. Louis Racquet Club. This is where I honed my fine dining talent. Escoffier was the book of choice, and the Saint Louis Chefs De Cuisine chapter of the American Culinary Federation were my mentors. Continuing to strive to be better than I was yesterday, and remaining teachable is my focus. Offering my best to our guests, with the freshest local ingredients, and creating an amazing dining experience is my mission.