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Nicole Schrader

Nicole is a proud Des Moines native. In high school, Nicole fell in love with the restaurant industry, pouring milkshakes on people’s heads at Stella’s Blue Sky diner. Fast forward through college and her early twenties where she got a degree in Theatre and worked as an actor in the Twin Cities, which goes hand in hand with getting a lot of waitressing experience. She's spent the last 9 years working in the events industry, with a diverse background that ranges from the US Embassies in Vietnam and Benin, to the hospitality industry here in Des Moines. Nicole has been teaching power yoga since 2006, and is excited that her role as Fresko will combine three things that she loves: events, wellness, and great food! Nicole lives in West Des Moines with her two small children and enjoys yoga, swimming, biking and discovering the hidden gems of her hometown.